Sang A Im-Propp has delivered “Independent, Rebellious-Luxury” since the successful debut of her eponymous accessories collection in 2006. A masterful use of exotic skins, fine leathers, and unconventional textiles has since established Sang A as one of the most innovative luxury accessories designers. 

Though Sang A has always been in touch with an intense creativity, she did not begin her career in the fashion industry. Since the age of 10 Sang A enjoyed a celebrated career as a musical performer, actress and performance artist in her native home of South Korea. By the age of 26, Sang A was styling her own music videos and performance projects—during which she was able to explore and develop a personal style that eventually made her one of Korea’s most promising celebrities. It was in this progression from performer to style icon that she discovered her love of fashion. 

Sang A moved to New York to study at The Parsons School of Design while interning with renowned stylists like Victoria Bartlett and Lisa Von Weise. Through this education and mentoring, Sang A was encouraged to begin her own accessories collection. 

Since its launch, SANG A collection has seen significant growth and success and continues to develop in innovative and exciting ways. The newly evolved SANG A STUDIO, is a progressive contemporary concept brand, has since the start of 2012 been known for its understated, hi-low rebellious aesthetic vision and approach to exploring texture, dimension and geometric shape using fine materials. 

Initiated in 2017, SANG A has expanded her progressive contemporary handbag line into Jewelry. The well-rounded collection has already been well received by the respected attentions of cult stores in NYC its subversive and unconventional details and mastered craftsmanship. Each style is handmade in New York City and carefully handled to ensure the integrity and natural beauty of the raw materials .

Her global presence continues to grow, especially through her involvement in various international and New York City-based charity organizations. In June of 2010, Sang A became a member of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Sang A currently resides in New York City.



Sang A Im-Propp is a member of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)